Partner with Lori-Grace and the Canadian School of Witchery to learn about Tarot & other divination tools, Reiki, Witchcraft & Spell Work, Dream Work, Meditation, Manifestation and more.

Lori-Grace serves & teaches with 25+ years of Professional Experience as a Psychic Reader, Spiritual Mentor & Coach, Teacher and Business Owner. 

Based in Ontario Canada, The School is primarily focused on making all of the classes accessible online, during the pandemic. When we are clear of the pandemic, in person classes will begin.

The classes will encompass many aspects of Witchcraft studies, with live video class options for most classes for you to attend, and prerecorded videos for you to follow along with at your own pace. 

Live classes are an opportunity for you to interact with the teacher, ask questions, and have your work & understanding of the subject matter confirmed. All group live classes are recorded and added to the course curriculum for your review at a later date, or for you to learn from if you can't make the live class. 

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Psychic Medium, Tarot Professional, Teacher

Lori-Grace is an Intuitive Tarot Coach, Spiritual Mentor & Psychic Reader, who serves her Clients & Students and students with  25+ years of professional experience.

She has taught group classes and individuals, in person and online, in a variety of witchy topics, including How to read tarot cards by heart, and How to start and succeed in your own Bliss Business

Lori-Grace is a Psychic Medium who uses "all the Clairs" - She not only sees energy, (Clairvoyancy) but can also feel (Clairtangency), hear (Clairaudience), smell and taste (Clairalience and Clairgustance)

Lori-Grace wasn't always able to tap into Medium abilities - She attributes the learning, studying and practicing of the Tarot as a big factor in bringing out the skills and gifts of getting spirit messages clearly. 

Tarot provided the structure and foundation for all the other abilities to develop.

Lori-Grace has a thriving professional practice, and is based in Ontario, Canada.   She likes to describe her readings as "Honest, Accurate & Fun."    

Alternative Payment Options

If you don't have Paypal, we have other payment options, as well as payment plans for some courses. 

To inquire, please connect with us with the course you are interested in taking and your preferred payment method.  We'll see if we can help you get started.