Learn the Secrets of Scrying

Perfect for Beginner & Intermediate Witches

Have you always wanted to
be able to connect Clairvoyantly
with Spirit, Spirit Guides, or Ancestors?

Are you someone who feels like
Source or Spirit is trying to connect with you
through signs, but you're not sure what those signs mean?

Do you want to start or strengthen  your connection with your own intuition?

Are you looking for a new method of divination to help you with your own challenges, or to add to your Magickal or Witchy practice to use with clients?

The Learn to Scry class helps you SEE the magick quickly!

You'll feel empowered, magickal, and confident using your OWN Clairvoyance, by scrying answers from Spirit Guides, Source, or Your Higher Self.

Based on 28 Years of Practical Magick Experience

The Learn to Scry Class

Is suitable for Witches or Practitioners who are just beginning,
leading the class participants through several basics in
the practical application of scrying.

This class offers plenty of options and ideas to
help the beginner step into their own confidence and practice with Clairvoyancy.

This class also shares some excellent information for
the Intermediate Witch with
advanced ideas to use in personal practice as well as
options for reading for clients.

Bonuses & Benefits

  • One Tool to Rule Them All

    Learn how to create the "One Tool to Rule Them All." to serve you in your magickal years to come. You'll be able to use this unique-to-you tool for use with scrying, but also it will work with several other methods of divination, fortune telling, Spellwork and your Witchcraft Practice.
    This tool is a School of Witchery "Secret Empowerment Tool"

  • DIY Scrying Discussions and more.

    Discussions and Descriptions of how to create DIY Scrying tools, as well as how to wake them up and use them. Several other bonus discussions are offered in this course, including "How to Recognize psychic info", Basic Numerology, Intention setting and more.

  • Lifetime Access

    Have lifetime access to the recorded classes, homework assignments, and any added bonuses and updates. This will allow you to move through the Basic Scrying into Advanced Scrying techniques in your own time, and access the lessons when you are ready.


  • Hang on, Lori-Grace.. What is Scrying, anyway?

    Scrying, sometimes also called "Seeing", is the practice of looking into a suitable medium (often a Crystal Ball), in the hope of detecting messages or visions. The objective might be personal guidance, prophecy, revelation, inspiration, or for fortune telling.

  • Wait. Am I going to need a Crystal Ball for this class?

    You don't need to get one at all! We'll be using everyday things to scry with in this course, that everyone should have in their home. The course will however address how to make a good choice if you want to buy one, and how to use one if you have one already. A List of what you'll need for the live class is available in the Welcome section of this class.

  • Do I need to be Psychic to Succeed with this Class?

    The "quick" answer is "nope!". The long answer is: In my experience, everyone has at least one of the "Clairs" that they use, even if they don't know it. We talk about this in the curriculum of this class. I'll be teaching you how to do this WITHOUT having to use any psychic senses, but the more you practice, the more likely it is that you are going to start getting nudges from Spirit or Higher Self... And we talk about THAT, too, in this course.

Learn to Scry Packages

Self Guided Class includes

*4 weeks of self guided lessons (Value $897)
Bonus Content (Value $197)
Total Value of Learn to Scry: $1094
Your Cost: $97

Next Level Package:

Includes all of the Learn to Scry lessons and bonuses,
plus a 1-on-1 private hour long class with Lori-Grace,
to answer any unique questions you may have about your scrying practice.

Next Level Program Value: $1344
2 Month Installment Plan:
Regularly $179 per month
WINTER 2023 ONLY SPECIAL $89 per month for 2 months

One Time Investment:
Regularly $349
Winter 2023 ONLY SPECIAL $149

Begin Your Study of Witchcraft & Scrying

Although you can finish this course in 2 to 4 weeks, you'll have access to this course for as long as you need.

What Students are Saying about
"Learn to Scry"

Informative & Fun

Cheryl T.

So glad I signed up for this class. It was very informative and fun. I learned a lot and I definitely want to learn more! Loved the Learn to Scry class! Had a blast, thanks Lori-Grace


Karen G.

The "Learning to Scry" class was amazing!!! (I) learned so many new things. I love the way you teach Lori, you make is so much fun.

Still Have Questions?

Find out if the video class alone, or the Next Level option with 1-on-1 time with Lori-Grace is a better fit for you, by booking a discovery call.


Psychic Medium, Tarot Professional, Teacher

Lori-Grace is an Intuitive Tarot Coach, Spiritual Mentor & Psychic Reader, who serves her Clients & Students with 28+ years of professional experience.

She teaches group classes and individuals in person and online, in a variety of witchy topics. Topics shared include How to read tarot cards by heart, and How to start and succeed in your own Bliss Business. 

Lori-Grace is a Psychic Medium who uses "all the Clairs" - She not only sees energy, (Clairvoyancy) but can also feel (Clairtangency), hear (Clairaudience), smell and taste (Clairalience and Clairgustance)

Scrying was one of the first "witchy skills" Lori-Grace used to practice Clairvoyancy.

Lori-Grace has a thriving professional practice, and is based in Ontario, Canada. Her Readings and Classes are described as "Honest, Accurate & Fun."

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