Is This You?

You love going into metaphysical stores 
and find yourself drawn to browsing tarot decks! 
You've maybe even purchased a deck of your own ...

...But it's sitting in a drawer unused.
You follow psychics online, tried pulling a card a day for guidance, 
and wish that you could figure it out yourself.

After a few wobbly tries with the included book,
you say things to yourself like

"I'm just not intuitive." 

or "It's way too hard, I'll never remember so many cards."

or even "I just don't have the confidence to do this for others!"

Lori Grace's 

will show you how to Master
Your Tarot Deck
and read with Confidence!

Future You!
You walk into a metaphysical store,
smelling the incense from boxes as soon as you come into the door.
You always find it calm & exciting to visit this place.

The person behind the counter greets you by name,
and brings out a new deck they've been saving to show you.
You love the art work, the way that the card stock feels, all the colours are beautiful!
It's different from the deck you've been working with for the last few months,

but because of what you learned in the intuitive tarot course,
you confidently understand each card! 

You have a fun conversation about your favourite cards in the deck.
The store owner is looking for readers to come in and read on a weekend,
and asks you if would you be interested?

You have a decision to make!

Using your cards for solid & fast guidance is easy for you.
When you go home, you shuffle your cards and set them on the table,
to ask them if it would be good for you to start at the store -
or not?

The tarot answers, and you completely understand
without looking at a book or notes.

You feel confident with the confirmation from Spirit and The Universe!

You've already read at your friends houses at their kitchen tables,
and you've even done a few house parties with your cards.
Your friends come to you for advice regularly,
because they love and appreciate the messages that you get,
Your intuition is so spot-on!
You've had so much practice with Tarot,
that you are ready for the next step!


The Intuitive Tarot Program
is suitable for readers who are just beginning,
or for those who already read but want to up their tarot game
 and set themselves apart from other readers.

This program is designed to give you more confidence 
and help you read by heart.

This Intuitive Tarot Program is an online
group experience, offered by
based on teaching students
one-on-one all year.
It will cover several learning styles, 
and be based on the Rider-Waite-Smith system.

This program will fast track your ability to

intuitively read with intuitive clarity,
and teaches you a system that will help you read
any deck based on the Rider Waite System,
 no matter what the topic the deck features. 

Ready to get daily guidance for yourself, get in touch with Spirit Guides through tarot, and help friends, family & clients with tarot advice?

Benefits and Bonuses

  • Recorded Lessons

    The recorded video lessons that you can review over and over, or pause to take notes in your tarot work book. Take the 6 weeks to review, or binge watch!

  • Bonuses

    Several bonus lessons added to the core curriculum for advancing your personal or professional tarot relationship.

  • Includes a One-on-One with Lori-Grace

    This course includes a live half hour, one-on-one Zoom coaching/mentor/teaching call with Lori-Grace, so you can ask your individual questions about your specific deck or to get personalized questions answered. (Valued at $99 USD, or $125 CAD) Use this session at the end of all the lessons for best results!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Congrats, You're IN!

    • A Welcome Message from Lori-Grace

    • Next steps

    • How to Book Your 1-on-1 Classes with Lori-Grace

  • 2

    Week #1

    • Foundations

    • Pentacles - Keynotes & Story Telling

    • Homework & Wrap Up

  • 3

    Week #2

  • 4

    Week #3

    • Reversals for Beginners

    • Wands - Keynotes & Story Telling

    • Homework Week #3

  • 5

    Week #4

    • A Note on Cards You Feel "Stuck" on

    • Cups - Keynotes & Story Telling

    • More to Consider with Cups

    • Homework Week #4

  • 6

    Week #5

    • Court Cards Pages (printables) for this week

    • Court Card Foundations

    • Court Card - Story Telling Pentacles

    • Court Card - Story Telling Swords

    • Court Card - Story Telling Wands

    • Court Card - Story Telling Cups

    • Week 5 Homework

  • 7

    Week #6

    • The Major Arcana Printable Page

    • Major Arcana Foundations

    • Major Arcana Story Time 0 to 10

    • Healing the Archetype Meditation

    • Homework Class 6

  • 8

    Week #7

    • Major Arcana 11 to 21 Intro

    • Major Arcana 11 to 21 Story Time

    • Major Arcana 11 to 21 Homework

  • 9


    • Work Sheets for Spreads - Downloads

    • Learning Majors while Moving into Spreads

    • A Word on Spreads

    • Preparation for Spreads & Significators

    • 3 Card Spread & Horseshoe Spread

    • Celtic Cross Spread

    • Timeline Spreads

    • New Deck, Who Dis?

    • Week 8 Homework & A word Tarot, Synchronicity, Subconscious knowing.

  • 10

    Bonus Lessons

    • Spread Examples

    • Connecting to Spirit Guides with Tarot

  • 11

    Congratulations! Now What?

    • Now What?

Intuitvely Connect with Tarot

A self paced course with a bonus half hour 1-on-1 with Lori-Grace. Special Pricing for a limited time.

Please note that amounts listed here are in USD. Canadian Pricing and etransfer payments available for Canadians.

Coming soon!

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