Tarot Readers, Psychics, Energy Workers

Discover how to earn full time income
with steady bookings every week,
in part time hours,
So you can work professionally and
have the freedom you desire,
Without frustration or burning out.

Struggling with your Tarot, Psychic or Energy Work Business? You don't have to!

Does this sound like you...

You give great readings, and get compliments on the readings you do.
You've put the work in to practicing your skill,
Love serving people, bringing them guidance and healing,
and you're excited about what you can do!

You'd love to have enough consistent clients to quit a J.O.B. you have,
Or at least earn a sizeable side hustle income,
And you love the idea of working when you want,
from where ever you want!
(Other people are doing it, so why can't you?)

But You Feel Like You've Tried EVERYTHING...

Something is missing, but you don't know what.
You need a better strategy for consistent sales...

Learn how to market your Tarot, Psychic or Energy Work business

Create more income?
Have more freedom in your life?
Quit a job?
Travel and work remotely?
Work from your own home?
Reach more people who could benefit from your gift?

The Tarot Marketing Mastery program is built just for you!

It's a one-on-one mentorship & coaching program, tailored to your business needs, and with the goals you want to accomplish to create a thriving Bliss Business. Suitable for practitioners who already feel confident with their ability
but are open to learning more,
and are excited & ready to take their practice to a
professional level with a steady clientele.

This course is built around The 5 Essential things you must have in place to succeed

and other topics to help you successfully market and run your energy work business.

Tarot Marketing Mastery, like most metaphysical study, is a year long mentorship & coaching package. We'll have you taking action quickly, and pace it through your first year of growth to make sure you're confident moving forward.

We'll talk about the technical side of what you need for marketing your Bliss Business, but also:

We're going to work together to clarify your vision for your business, and use that vision to create a personal strategy;

Together we'll look at your mindset and work on any psychological barriers that may be stopping you from moving forward;

We'll upgrade your skills to help create your vision;

We'll talk about energy and the spiritual side of your business, and how to integrate it all into your everyday life.

To answer the rest of your questions, see if we are a good fit to work with each other, and to discuss payment plans, you can email your inquiry , or go ahead and Book an Introduction/Discovery Call:

Please note that all courses on this site are quoted in USD. 

For inquiries and payments in CAD, or monthly payment plans, please connect with us using the form on The Little Witch Website, or book a discovery call

Meet Your Mentor

Lori-Grace, The Little Witch

Lori-Grace is an Intuitive Tarot Tutor, Spiritual Mentor & Psychic Medium,
who serves her Clients & Students and students with  25+ years of professional experience.

She has taught group classes and individuals, in person and online, in a variety of witchy topics, including How to read tarot cards by heart, and How to start and succeed in your own Bliss Business

Lori-Grace is a Psychic Medium who uses "all the Clairs" - She not only sees energy, (Clairvoyancy) but can also feel (Clairtangency), hear (Clairaudience), smell and taste (Clairalience and Clairgustance)

Lori-Grace wasn't always able to tap into Medium abilities - She attributes the learning, studying and practicing of the Tarot as a big factor in bringing out the skills and gifts of getting spirit messages clearly. 

Tarot provided the structure and foundation for all the other abilities to develop.

Lori-Grace has a thriving professional practice, and is based in Ontario, Canada.   She describes her style as "Honest, Accurate & Fun."