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Lori-Grace, The Little Witch

Psychic Medium, Witchy Mentorship

serving her Clients & Students and students with  27+ years of professional experience.

She teaches group classes and individuals, in person and online, in a variety of witchy topics, including How to read tarot cards by heart, and How to start and succeed in your own Bliss Business

Lori-Grace is a Psychic Medium who uses "all the Clairs" - She not only sees energy, (Clairvoyancy) but can also feel (Clairtangency), hear (Clairaudience), smell and taste (Clairalience and Clairgustance)

With a primarily Solitary Practitioner practice, Lori-Grace teaches witchy topics, to folk who are ready to connect and grow their own skills with a sharing sense of togetherness and team spirit. 

Lori-Grace has a thriving professional practice, and is based in Ontario, Canada.   Her Readings and classes are described as "Honest, Accurate & Fun."